No idea where to put this. (First time selective coloring on PSPX)


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May 14, 2006
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DC Area.
Was just messing around today with selective coloring and such. First time I've done it, so I think it looks okay..


Messed around with the contrast/saturation/brightness on the b/w part, so thats why it doesn't look ... normal? lol. The color is natural. Hints, ideas, tips would be lovely.

(Oh, and if this doesn't belong here, where would it belong?)
From what I have seen anywhere on the site would be fine, but I'm no moderator. I am glad you found you way in here. This is the most unusual selective color I have see. Usually people color some part of what they consider to be the subject, you have colored the background and I like the difference. Welcome to our world.
(Oh, and if this doesn't belong here, where would it belong?)
Since you used a graphics program, and are asking for hints & ideas on improving it, I'm going to move this over to the Tutorials/Graphics forum. :) You will probably get better input on how to use PSPX software. (I have no clue what it is) :lol:

This forum is pretty much for all analog-based, retro-camera work.
hi bethany, thanks for sharing and interesting colours you have there. Kinda reminds of cross processing of film.

Just a couple of quick comments:
1. The edges of the hand on the blue jeans look a bit too feathered
2. The thumb and forefinger have too strong of a highlight - usually I don't mind blowouts that much but it think here there is a bit to much loss of detail.

Anyways cool choose of colours and keep experimenting around.

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