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Sep 9, 2008
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Ok this is just a little idea I have. I kind of find it annoying when I see members posting photos in the beginner section who are not beginners and should post their in the galleries instead.

I also see where they are coming from though. People rarely visit that section of the forum and don't really give feedback and C&C.

Soooo... what i suggest is to maybe get rid of posting photos in the beginner section and just have that for beginner help and then maybe in the galleries in each one have it have a sub category for beginner or something or just everyone uses the galleries to post their work.

That's just a little suggestion to get more work in the right places. Thank you!

Ya I know :( it just makes me feel better to get it out there haha. Apparently the only thing they cared to make a big change with was removing our NSFW section which had many good and artistic pictures, nothing was ever really bad in there but I guess I don't want to get into that.

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