Non Smoking recap + FRIDAY THREAD!!!!

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Aug 10, 2005
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I'm combining the two in an effort to keep the Friday conversation fresh and unique.

Today is..


I hope everyone has had a fabulous week. I have just made enough to pretty much pay for my trip to England/Portugal/Spain in August. I'm also gonna go get some new shoes this weekend. Probably some Puma's. They're the ****e.

Also it's been 18 days since I smoked my last cancer stick. The reason I mention this now is because for the last two days in a row I have woken feeling like a ball of crap for having a cigarette. Before you get confused let me point out that I've actually been DREAMING about smoking. Last night I had a very vivid dream that I was at a big club drinking copious amounts of beer and sucumbed to my urges. I smoked three cigarettes in my dream and woke from my slumber unbelievably dissapointed in myself, only to realize it was a dream. Which made this morning that much sweeter.
Cool. It is Friday.

I am meeting some ex-work colleagues later on to generally rub in how much better my life is than theirs because I left! :) Not really, but it's a running joke amongst the ex staff how much better life on the outside is.

Tom's new car, with which I was teaching him how to drive, got stolen. Bastards. One day I will actually catch someone breaking into a car and probably kill them. Quite what fun can be had stealing an 18yo 1.3L Golf I don't know. So, we'll be trying not to get upset about things and getting him another car on the weekend.

Saturday I'm having a "Yay, it's spring" BBQ at my mum's house. Lots of friends and LOTS of alcohol, oh and burnt meat as well no doubt. :twisted:

Sunday I will be recovering from a vicious hangover and feeling twinges of guilt about nothing in particular. I will probably need some kind of stiff drink to ward off the hangover.

Monday, it will be pay-day and I will probably need some kind of stiff drink to celebrate.

Congrats on staying smoke free this long bace...keep it up!

I hope other smokers on the board get inspired by you, and do the same!

And's Friday. In exactly 7 days at this time, I'll be high in the air flying over this fine country of ours on my way to meet the best bunch of people I've ever associated with! :cheer:
Yeah for Fridays. No plans for tonight, maybe we'll watch a movie at home. Tomorrow is another craft day at Home Depot. The boys are beyond themselves with excitement for both the Home Depot trip AND our upcoming travels to DC.

Congrats on the non-smoking Bace, that's great! Rob, I'm sorry to hear about Tom's car :( I hope you find a replacement quickly :)
See, I'll never miss the car theft there.

My Dad had 2 cars stolen. Well...the same car, but the original and the replacement were nicked.

Renault 5 GT Turbo...

Yeah it's depressing. Bromley had 4,687 cars stolen last year, we account for 1/30th of the car crime in London. A policeman once told me that if London were a country, it would have the third highest overall number of stolen cars in the world. We're only a little island!

Sweet R5GTT - those things are seriously rapid.

yayyyyyy for Friday!!! :cheer:

Bace, you get a big :thumbup: for just up and quitting smoking like that. That's the best way to do it. I think your dreams are totally understandable and I bet you end up feeling even stronger when you wake up and realize how good you've been! :lol:

I've no plans at all, other than just doing a bunch of laundry and thinking about packing for DC. Brad wants to blow off one more test roll on some weird IR film he wants to shoot in DC, so we'll probably stomp around and do that, too.

And I'm really happy for the short work week I have to look forward to, and getting on to DC for the meetup. woo hoo!!! :mrgreen:
Ok, well this is a weird Friday.

Two people have handed in their resignation.

Not new people either. Two people that have worked here for 2yrs.

I don't get it.
We've lost 4 or 5 in the past two months. :(
I hate the overall instability of being in sales. Unfortunatly it's the only job I can make this kinda money in. And it's not like I'm unhappy either. Still a constant feeling of being completely disposable.
Rob said:
Saturday I'm having a "Yay, it's spring" BBQ at my mum's house. Lots of friends and LOTS of alcohol, oh and burnt meat as well no doubt. :twisted:

Outlook for Saturday: Sunny periods in the morning. Thundery showers in the afternoon.

Just trying to be helpful... :)

bace said:
...Also it's been 18 days since I smoked...

WOW. This is a TOUGH one for me. I've been saying I'm close to quitting, but just can't get it done. HELP!!!!!!!

I have a second job as a chuch music director, so I don't get a break until Sunday evening. I hope to sneak a movie with the wife in there somewhere.
My Wife is at about Two months or so...since her last cigarette. Hopefully it will stick this time. She tried gum for a day or two but didn't like it. She used some patches for a few days...maybe a week.

Last time she tried, she read a book (I think by Allen Car). At the time it really helped her. She even bought the book for several smokers she knew. Unfortunately she started again, six months after that...and the book just didn't have the same impact again.

I applaud anyone who is trying to quit...good on ya. I look forward to the day when cigarettes are made illegal. (smokers, please don't start...I know what your views are)

This weekend, we are heading back out to the farm. We are buying a quarter of a cow and one of the neighbors has a butcher shop, so we are going to help cut it up. mmm :drool: BBQ T-bones next week.
I'm a smoker (only 18 days means I "could" still regress), and I think smoking should be made illegal.

I makes me sick that quitting is made so difficult by the fact that ciggarette are still available, and outside every building there's two or three people smoking. Walking down the street smoking. In every club. They're every where.

I think cigarettes should be made illegal now. With harsh penalties. They're the worst drug of all. And the fact that so many people smoke is never really gonna change unless someone does something big.
I'm a non smoker and last night I went to a bar where they were allowing smoking..

At first It really bugged me but after a few drinks and a little while you get used to the smoke.....

Until this morning. Man, my lungs feel like I smoked a full pack last night and I can smell the smoke coming off my clothes from across the room!


I'm so happy that there is no smoking in bars anymore!! (sorry all you smokers but YOU STINK!)

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