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Noob here from NC


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Mar 20, 2009
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Wilmington, NC
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Howdy folks. Matt here from North Carolina. I'm 23 and attending school for Electronics Engineering. Should graduate with an a.a.s. in December and soon after will start a B.S. program.

Anyways, Just two days ago got an early birthday present from my mom and recieved a Nikon D40. I've just recently over the past couple weeks become really interest in photography. So I'm as new as new can get and have a lot to look forward to/learn. All criticism is welcome and any suggestions you have please feel free. I wanted an SLR to learn the ropes and the D40 is a great entry level from what I've gathered.

I also just bought Corel Paint Shop Pro Ultimate for editing. hopefully, itll serve well once i learn it

ive learned about the rule of thirds as well, havent had time to apply it yet though as ive only been able to take one batch of photos

Anyways, straight out the box playing with a few settings (didnt really know what I was doing lol)

learned about highlights and washing out with this photo i took from a member on another forum. got to pay attn to lighting :D


learning DOF with aperture, etc



also had quite a few areas with no data here as well...


tried challenging myself with the sunlight beaming hard on my car/headlight and i just couldnt get it to look any better than this. showing my Noobness


i guess smaller aperture caused the chains to be out of focus??? :meh:
Hi, and welcome to TPF! Looks like you're having fun learning the new cam....that's the beauty of digital, that you can shoot tons of pics in order to learn (without the expense of developing the 'mistakes')
Welcome. Where abouts do you hail from? I live just outside of Raleigh.
thanks everyone for the welcome.

kundalini. im in wilmington, right on the coast :)

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