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Nov 15, 2005
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I have some Ilford Delta 400 Proffesional, i was just wondering whether i could get it developed in a normal high street store, or do i have to mail it to ilford?

any help is welcome,

thanks in advance

Hi Duncan, there wouldn't be too many High St shops that could do it for you on the premises, most would send it away to a wholesale lab. Ilford certainly don't do processing anymore.

The problem with having in done in wholelsale soup is that they use just a general developer and you'd lose the attributes of that Delta film and end up with a flat uninteresting piece offilm.

Check the yellow pages for a pro lab near you.
Do it yourself. (it's not difficult)

You can mail it to Ilford, but I've found that although the processing is pretty good, the prints are awful. I last sent something to them about two months ago and I'm pretty sure they haven't stopped doing processing in the mean time, but I could be wrong.

Most branches of Snappy Snaps can do it in-store with variable levels of success. Take some time when you go into the shop and chat to them and they'll generally be more careful with them. Bear in mind that B&W process takes at least a day, even if you pay for the hour service, so go with the longest duration in-store processing they have.

thanks very much for the help, i know they still do develeoping as when i got the film with AP it came with a 25% of developing and a bag thing to mail it to Ilford
I'd heard that they were not doing it anymore but had farmed it out to other labs. I could be wrong though as I'd got it secondhand from an ex-employee of Ilford in Oz.

You could try this ILFORD

and enter you postcode to find the nearest recommended shop/lab, mind you I put in my mums Postcode and it came up with Boots !

Good luck though.
Thats rite, Boots are great! Ive had many photos developed with them, and i've always had super results, and fast as well! Although ive not tryed there B/W.
Some branches of high street stores like Boots or SnappySnaps can do it for you without sending it off, but as has been mentioned they don't necessarily pick the best chemicals and developing method for each film as you would if you were doing it yourself. The results can be a bit bland. If you want to send it off, I haven't found anywhere better than Peak Imaging, although to be honest I haven't used mailers much so there may be others who can do it cheaper.

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