North Carolina?

I've lived in north carolina for over 20 years...and have no idea where that is. Where does 52 go? I don't think i've ever been on it.

In other news...Lexington has the best barbecue in the state.

Best hamburger in the state: This little place called Johnson's in Siler City. Actually, they have the best burgers on earth as far as I'm concerned.
I live right on the highway right after Business 85 and HWY 52 merge..

:) Ever been to Black Chicken Coffee?

Wow, on the highway? that must be torture having to move for all those cars when you're trying to sleep:confused: :biglaugh:

We do live close to each I mean within minutes if hitting 85. Your close to the hospital, correct? Im close to DCCC.

Blacks chicken coffee, Iv not heard of that place.

Lexington does have the best barbeque. When I lived in highpoint, i would still drive to lexington for it. Speedy's BBQ, there is no
kool. I may drive up through there one day. I might walk on in with my camera around my
I probably wont be making the face I have in my icon though....
well then again, never know about me, I have done crazier
I know this is a few months old, but I live in the Raleigh area. Newish to the forum and just getting around to find out what's available on this site.
Good to see other people from the Triangle here!
I'm new and from Charlotte. I would love to learn some stuff in person if anyone's wanting to go on a shooting spree. :p
I'm from Philadelphia but will be in Charlotte for 2 weeks on business. Are there any cool places to shoot there? I'm planning on bringing my good camera.

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