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Apr 6, 2006
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The Mighty Midwest
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An abandoned shopping mall across the way from our apartment...







Thanks for looking!
I'm not sure the sepia treatment is a good choice for that kind of picture. Have you tried them in B&W? Otherwise, they lack of contrast, I think. On number 1, the bank is centered, which "kills" the dynamic of the picture. On the second, the leaning brings nothing. On 3, 4 and 6, there are not real subject. What did you want to show? Number 5 is for me the best : contrasts are OK, and there is no real subject, but the are great lines, which is enough to give the picture some sort of abstraction.
Thanks for your thoughts, willpops.

I actually tried the B&W first, and wasnt too happy with them... I thought that they needed a bit of a rust tone to catch the mood of the area -- a bit dirty, old, unkept.
Thanks for the suggestion on #1... I think I will crop it so the bench isnt directly in the center. On #2 I wasnt so sure about the angle... most of my shots tend to be very straight-on, but with so many contrasting lines and angles in this shot, I figured it would be a good one to experiment on.
Thanks again for your comments; I always appreciate having a second opinion on my pics :)
There are some propositions of post-treatment (nothing special, though) :



Hey, thanks :)
The first one you posted is really interesting, but I guess not really "me." Not sure what the difference is with the second, but I really love how you cropped the third one. Thanks for taking the time to work on these. One more quick question -- do you know of a good way to get rid of the light curve on that last one? For some reason, its a lot more noticable in the cropped version, and its driving me nuts!
Thanks again; have a great Friday! :)
Cloning tool and a bit of patience should get rid of the problem. But I think using this time for doing other pics would be a best investment ;)

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