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May 1, 2005
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Hi all,

I have updated the London TPF meet up forum post at the moment.

I won't be on much over the next few days as I have been taken rather ill.

I am on a couple different Meds, and been booked in for Blood tests and someother test sometime soon. Also the lovely Doctor has booked me off sick from work until Friday.

Right now I am finding sitting here type a drain and tiring, and as for walking across the room I would rather lay and sleep on the sofa/couch.

The Doc thinks I should get away for a few days, but as I told her unless she can afford a two weeks all expensises paid trip to the bahamas then I'll veg at home with the family.

Anyways. Look after yourselves and I'll see you soon. Oh and my lovely son (remember aged 8 ) had voutenteered to take my 350D and use it for me. :er: I said i don't think so.

Well thats me off to go bend over the toilet for like the 10th time today, and go sleep on the sofa watching CSI or something.

Neil :(
No, you can't have the meet-up postponed. I don't care if you want the chance to play Barca next year. Now get on that pitch and do some work.

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