Not atcually photography, but a free image and other media hosting company? - anyone?

Discussion in 'Buy and Sell' started by ShaCow, Jan 7, 2006.

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    im not sure if im allowed to post this here, but im not spamming, because i dont like spam, it tastes horrible and is also anoying in your inbox, anyway.

    as some of you may know i started my own hosting company a few months back, and everything is going great, and now i have purchased another quad opteron server which i host a free image(media) hosting company from...

    the address is, with 1mb uploads and unlimited space for registered members, and membership is free.

    also, im offer web hosting for as little as £1.50pm -
    I am also a free lance web designer, the latest web site ive designed is for a very good friend :)

    anyways, hope this helps anyone out if they need cheap web hosting or somewhere to place their pictures..

    I will be making a post about the web hosting in the off topic section shortly as well and be linking to both.

    warmest regards, Shaun Cowley


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