Not sure why this is news

You don't like grungy,low-rewz, dingy, badly processed B&W images? Wassamatter wit' you,man!? lol

Some God-awful crap he's got...but then again, he's 16 years old. And he's the son of a world-famous heartthrob and former he's golden, even if he can't shoot his way clear of the lens cap. He does not display any kind of vision or aptitude, whatsoever. I've seen some teens on Flickr who have actual coherent, impressive, amazing portfolios...this kid is nowhere near above average. There **are** some AMAZING young photographers in today's world, but this is not promising work really, given how advanced and capable some young shooters are by age 16 to 17.
Other members....Sophia Coppola...Jaden and Willow Smith...Kelly Osbourne...Rumer Willis...
Are you implying that Lazy-eye Paris Hilton has no real talents!? I mean--I SAW her sex tape and she has...oh talent, really...
This young man is a terrible photographer and unfortunately will most likely never get the coaching he desperately needs because of his father. That's really sad but what the hey! He's the one heading to the bank.......
Pursuing a career doing photography and actually making photography a career are many years apart.

If his father wasn't famous would we be reading an article about him on the Internet?
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It isn't particularly news, Petapixel seems to just repost and rewrite articles from elsewhere. Petapixel wrote that headline - it isn't in the article referred to that was in Miss Vogue in the UK (published as a double issue with British Vogue) in Sept./Oct.

When asked about what he wanted to do for a career Beckham said he loves football and is passionate about photography and film. When asked if he wants to go to university, he said is hoping to study art and photography in the US when he finishes his A levels.

I've noticed the photos reposted by PP often seem to have lost quality from the originals. Beckham's Instagram seems to have pictures of him as much as taken by him (he models...) and seems to be a lot of what might be expected on an Instagram account of a teenager.

I didn't look too far but found at least one of a barn that's reposted by PP and is better quality on the Instagram page - and I think shows where he may have potential, if you look beyond the friends and fashion/style photos.
Another example is Richard Avedon's grandson, Michael. "Meh" photography chops but talk about brand recognition! Nice to have all that carpet rolled out wherever you go.
Didn't know he had a grandson.

Beckham models, this was in Vogue! lol not exactly earth shattering news, he was on the cover and was interviewed (just like they do with someone every issue). PP just puts whatever on their site to get viewers, this one seems to be making something out of not much of anything! lol
I couldn't be bothered to look through all the shots, but saw nothing inspiring in those I saw. We had a photo shown at our camera club a few years back, that was taken by a members 5 year old daughter. It was MUCH better than any of these!
Where is that silver spoon when one needs it?

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