Notre dame


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Jan 8, 2006
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St helens, England
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Probably a photo that most visitors to Paris have taken. i just love the look of this ugly fella! As he isn't a water spout, then he isn't a gargoyle, i understand this type of stonework is a chimere and that this individual represents a vampire

nice one,...... ya know we got a dark side gallery that this would fit well into ;)... well captured :thumbup:
JonK said:
I like it too...jus needs a bit more contrast...BG is nice and smooth

not sure about the contrast as it has already been adjusted, any further & it starts to look a bit odd. the light was quite flat on this day, dull & overcast, so I don't know if adjusting contrast would help any more than it has done.
Nice one!
Did you notice that someone scratched a tatoo into the gargoyles arm? what a shame...
Did you get up on the tower of Notre dame to take this one?
I've been to Paris many times but never actually went up there...
I guess Im a bad tourist ;-)
I didn't notice the graffiti, but easily rectified in Elements if I wanted/needed to.

Yeah, I went up to the towers, worth the wait just for the stonework!
lol @ that tattoo .. well spotted. i like it actually!
the selected aperture for this picture works really nicely.

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