NR in Adobe RAW - Wonkyness in Wonderland...

Jim Walczak

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Sep 9, 2004
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Photos OK to edit I have a batch of images I'm working on for a client and while I've been processing the images in Adobe RAW (to be finished in Photoshop), I've noticed something odd going on with the Noise Reduction. I'll zoom in fairly tight on a given image to get an idea of just how much "grain" I need to remove with the Luminance slider but when I zoom back out, the NR adjustment seems to "go away" (and before you ask, yes, I'm waiting for the adjustments to update). If I zoom back in, it's there again and when I open the image in PS it's been applied so I CAN work around it, but this just seems a bit weird to me...I've never seen it do this before.

For the sake of reference, the images are RAW (obviously) from my Nikon D90 and I'm using Photoshop CS5.5 and Camera RAW 6.0 on a home made i5 system with 16 gigs of RAM running Windows XP64.

Any thoughts as to what might be causing this?

...and now it's not doing it. Just went back to work after posting that and now everything seems fine. Even though the little caution triangle goes out, it seems like it's still updating the images.

My guess is that the same evil spirits that occasionally haunt me now inhabit your computer.


Yea...Gremlins do have a nasty tendency to show up whenever I have a fairly large scale project going on. Usually it's with Maya or Premiere all the years I've worked with Photoshop, this is the first time I've had anything go buggy with it. Figures it would happen in the middle of a commission...guess I need to break out the Sage incense and start chanting.....

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