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What is your recommendation based on my 1st post?

  • Stop right there. There is no future in photography

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  • Ehhh... Hard to get started. Reconsider your career choice.

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  • Take it slow and see what happens. Passion will go along way.

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  • Go for it! Buy pro gear and charge anyone that is willing to pay.

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Sep 23, 2010
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:D --- Hello All --- :D

Obviously a NuuB to the forum and I wanted start of by saying... I AM DONE TROLLING and I am ready to participate :lol:.

Here is my story... I have always been a shutterbug but I never thought about taking my passion and turning it into $$$. So I have been trolling for 2 months and have read/heard it all... Wannabe pro's just going out and making a mockery of the art of photography and the profession.

IMHO... Every photographer pro or am started by picking up a camera, taking that magical shot and getting paid for it. So HERE I GO.

<<R0M3R0 gets off soap box and exits stage right to the sound of crickets and a Polaroid camera (circa 1985) going off in the distance >>

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