NY Nick get's hitched Texas Style!


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Dec 14, 2004
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Well, NY Nick got married....and did the three step at her reception wearing cowboy boots.
She and new Hubby John got married at a huge Catholic Church in Dallas, St. Thomas Aquaintas, and had their reception at a beautiful country club nearby.
It was a big Italian style bash!

Lots of photos to follow:




I like them a lot as usual (although the grooms shiny forehead in 10 bugs me, but that's very nit-picky. And omg, the bride has freakishly white teeth... but, her dentist would be proud.)

I do have a quick technical Q: How do you approach lighting of the dark dance floors? Do you set up a couple of strobes (flashes) around the perimeter or just use the on camera flash? I have adapted the bounce flash techniques (and love the backwards flash thing) but I haven't had much luck (albeit I haven't shot a dance floor situation in a long time)
No post on her teeth, so yeah the Dentist loves her!
Ok, I'm really weird about how I do the reception stuff.......

I know a lot of people who bring lights into the reception but I nevernevernevernever would do that. These ladies spend a lot of money getting that ambience. If I brought in lights, not only would it be super annoying to have them going off all the time, but it would wreck that atmosphere that she paid so dearly for.
So I employ the backwards flash thing. I don't bounce. I just get in close. (I shoot all reception stuff with a 35mm 1.4)
You would think that I'd be a totally distraction getting so close, but not really. They never see my flash, and hopefully, they are so into one another that they never see me close in. (I get up to within a few feet and then get back out again quickly). God knows though that the videographers must hate me!!!! LOL.
When I shoot group dancing stuff, I go right into the middle of the dance floor and start making little circles.

This way, I am able to maintain the ambience, without being too much of a bother. I'm always blown away when they say that they never really saw me. :)
...even though everybody behind you is blind because of the flash! lol (i love it)

LOL. Yeah, I hear some choice cuss words from the people behind me sometimes...... hehe.

It also works great to get the videographers and uncle bobs off your shoulders.:lmao:
LOL...so true! I'm pretty sure I'm capable of trampling old ladies if it came down to getting the shot.

Ummm, did I say that out loud?
Love #15!!! Actually, I love the entire set EXCEPT for #21, but I've never been fond of the grainy look. ;)

I would remove the shoes from #2, as they are kind of distracting. :)
Love #15!!! Actually, I love the entire set EXCEPT for #21, but I've never been fond of the grainy look. ;)

I would remove the shoes from #2, as they are kind of distracting. :)

I hear ya. I get bored after about 500 shots and start throwing some different stuff in.

Number 21 was TOTALLY underexposed, but I thought it was funny. Really funny. Everytime I see it I crack up. So wham, hit it with some MORE noise, and a cross process.........LOL.

You don't like the shoes? I thought they were cool. It wasn't a posed shot. She just happened to look around and I thought "Bonus!"

Hope you had a great Christmas, WM. Was Santa good to you?

I walked around all day in a skimpy t-shirt that said, "Naughty girls get better presents", LOL. I was channelling my youth. Hehe.
Ok, now you guys are ganging up on me! *pout*....I might lose the shoes. But I still totally dig the grainy one.

Yeah Kristina, she's a beauty. And not only that, she's like the nicest person on the planet. I get so lucky with clients sometimes. :)
Hope you had a great Holiday!

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