OCF Flash Bracket and Cable?


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Oct 18, 2011
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Glasgow, Scotland
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Hi all,

I have a canon 7D and a newly acquired Yongno YN460 flash that I'm going to be attempting to use off camera. I'd like to get a cheap flash bracket and a cable for it rather than rely on the built in wireless function all the time.

My first question is what kind of bracket? I've seen circular ones, c shaped ones, straight ones, z shaped ones or the old fashioned grip type ones and I'm a bit confused about what is useful or what's just a marketing gimmick.

Second question is what kind of cable do I need to attach the flash to the camera? I know that the YN460 is not advertised having a connection for a cable but it appears Yonguno quietly updated this unit recently, and mine has black buttons and a connection in the side that the old ones dont seem to have!
Nikon's wireless function with the built-in flash works pretty good. You can even fashion some foil over it to have it fire flashes behind you. I won't reccomend the bracket that I have, but do a keyword search on Big Mike for "flash bracket". I think he's pretty happy with his.

Check your manual for the type of cable you'll need. My Nikons use a 10-pin on the camera body.

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