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off camera flash options for the k1000


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Feb 28, 2009
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Hi everyone im still a super amateur messing around with my k1000 for a few months now

I want to get myself a flash now but i want the option of using synch cord or some form of connection where i can hold the flash in my hand and still have the option of sliding it in the hot shoe for other times

I have read in a couple places and I was thinking about a Vivtar 283 and found a few on ebay with synch cords

does anyone know if i could conect it with my k1000
or even better
does anyone where i can get a flash that can do what im intrsted in
I think i posted this in the wrong section sorry
Yes, you can connect a Vivitar 283 (or most any general purpose flash)
to the K1000 via its flash sync terminal.

The 283 also has an accessory that allows you to place the flash's sensor
in the camera's hot shoe with a cord running from it to the off-camera flash.
That way the sensor "sees" the scene from the camera position while the
flash works from a different angle.
Thanks so much yea im bidding on an old 283 now thanks for the help

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