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Discussion in 'The Darkroom' started by jstuedle, Jun 24, 2007.

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    An off the wall question, with an explanation.

    Does anyone still make a double weight B&W paper in 3' wide X 100' rolls? When I was in school (late '60s) a buddy of mine and I went half an half on a roll of Agfa 3' wide paper. I would shoot 35mm Tri-X pushed to get that big blotchy grain, turn the enlarger head horizontal and expose a long piece of paper thumb tacked to the wall. Viewing distance was measured in yards, not feet. :lol: But it was fun and unique. At least we thought it was. BTW, my darkroom was in my bedroom, I had to run down the hall in the dark with the print loaded in a trash bag and develop it in the bathtub. Great fun, now that I look back. We now can order big prints for a reasonable cost online. But the experience was great fun, great memories. (Lots and lots of diluted developer.)

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    Ilford Multigrade is available in various roll sizes from 20 inch x 33 feet up to 50 inch x 100 feet (and possibly others, that was just on the first website I checked). Not sure if you would call that double weight. £86.26 for the smallest, and £215.66 including VAT for the largest size.

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