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Feb 11, 2006
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Bristol, UK
I've seen quite a few complaints about hosts ruining peoples shot and loads of shots that are resized wrong so I thought I'd offer some of my spare web space out. You'll need to know how to use ftp and have an ftp client (I can point you in the direction of free stuff and help out here if you need it). At the moment there's one block of 100mb going up for grabs which you can put a web site on if you like or just have to host pictures. depending on how it goes I might be able to give a few more blocks out later, the only possible problem is bandwidth, if your pics get too popular then it'll start costing me money, in which case we'll have to speak but I don't use anywhere near my bandwith allowance so it shouldn't be a problem really.

Rather than first come first serve I'd like to give the space to someone who really needs it so tell me why you want it in this thread...

ps. I'm giving, not selling ;)

If I had a static IP I would throw a server up specifically for TPF bretheren to have a place to drop their pics but as it is all I can do is say "thanks!" on behalf of whoever ends up with the space for your generous offer :)
well, doesn't look like anyone actually wants it, I thought I'd have people clamouring to get this but as it is there seem to be dustballs blowing through the thread! :(
oh dude, give it to me. I've been looking at getting some web space to actually start a website for myself, but I've been getting so frustrated by all the options out there. And since no one else seems to want it... :) Let me know over PM (just in case this thread drops down and I never find it again).

PM sent to arrange.

If there's anyone else who wants space then feel free to PM me, I'll see how this goes for a while then offer a few more blocks if everything goes ok.
Well it all seems to have gone ok, no problems once it was all set up and the site is up and stable so I'm now going to offer 2 more blocks of 100MB for those of you who get annoyed with photobucket etc. resizing your shots. I'll be happy to help you get up and running and offer what support I'm capable of offering once you're there.

here's the first site that's up just so you know what's being offered:

please send me a PM if you're interested and I'll post here when the space has gone...
dont serpose you want to give me a hand with some php as im totaly confused :x.
hmm, only if it's very easy PHP, I'm not very good with it myself, send me a site and the code you want looking at and I'll tell you if I can help or not...
no worries mate cheers for the offer but have battered a friend into sorting it for me in exchange for a few beers

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