Offering Poster Printing service for photographers Low Price!


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Apr 29, 2006
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Montreal, Qc, Canada
I'm an amateur photographers who wanted to make posters out of my photos. I searched on the net and realised how expensive it was to print posters. So I invested in a large format printer for myself and to print for friends and family.

I'm now offering to print custom posters at low prices for other photographers that want posters printed. That way it helps me pay off the printer ;)

I can print up to 24" by 36" (with a white border) or around 23.5" X 35.5" full bleed (the printer can't print to the border). I charge 11$US + s&h for the biggest size.

For best results the photos should be hi-resolution 3mp and up. Of course the more pixels the better...

The posters will be printed on high quality semi-gloss paper or glossy paper. The printer used is the hp designjet 130, used by profesionnal photographers.

I can also print on hp premium plus satin photo paper, which is great for art prints.

Contact me for any questions: [email protected]

You can check my ebay store for prices:
Welcome to TPF! Yes, I have seen your services on Ebay and have added you as a Favorite Seller to my list. I might send you some scanned slides as soon as I get some time off. Sounds like a good deal to me.

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