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Dec 14, 2003
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This morning, Kane(my pooch) has this idea to get me up at 6 am. After fighting it for a few minutes, I eventually struggled to get out of bed.
We ended up getting out, and I was down at the Rouge trails by 7ish. Snapped a few pics of birds and stuff, but decided I wanted to get up to the trails at Seaton. We just got back to the car and I looked out my window and was rewarded with this. .....


While Kane waited quietly in the car, I managed to get within 15 or so feet. The deer did not move but just stared at me probably lauging inside as I fumbled like an mad fool.


I did not even have to zoom in much to get these, as we were really close. I snapped about 15 or so shots


I tried to move in even closer, but stepped on a twig that snapped. It startled him/her and she eventually moved on. I live in the 'burbs' and we dont see deer around here. This one must have wandered to the bluffs through the river system.
Eventually I will touch them up and clone out the twigs.

great shots, its not too often a deer will stand around long enough to get that many good shots
Whitetail? We don't have those up north of you.

Good shot.
Yeah, looks like a whitetail to me too. Sa-weet shots, Chiller!!! Lookit the big brown eyes on it. And what a good boy Kane was to stay quiet while you grabbed the pics. How magical to see one of these so close to the city.
Wow, you were so lucky!
We have a lot of deer around here, but never is there any chance to get this close.
I would be fumbling like absolute MADDEST if I were to come this close to any of them, that alone, I guess, makes them run away at once.
The clarity you got on the eyes in the third ... that one is really amazing for deer in the WILD (I got some nice ones last Monday, but those were in the "Wildpark", i.e. in a place where they are used to people and to getting fed by them).
woha.... great shots chiller, deer are very difficult to get over here too, early morning is the best time to attempt it, so thank Kane for that!..... you were lucky to get so close aswell, good stuff man :thumbup:
Great shots Carl, I have seen a lot of Deer around the 407 / hwy7 area but how far down to the Lake was this guy? It sure looks really friendly.

Thanks so much everyone. I appreciate your comments
LaFoto. I was really really lucky. Im not sure why he/she did not run, but Im glad I got this chance.
Airic... I found him/her down behind the filteration plant at the end of Beachgrove. Not sure if you are familiar with the area, but east of Copperfield Road, near the Rohm and Haas plant. The only way to get there, would have been through the Rouge. It was just standing there, posed for a few shots, and ran off.
Thanks again everyone.
Thanks Sir Raymond. I know this was a really really lucky one. Cant see this happening again. I dont know who was shaking more...me or the deer, but im sure it was me:lmao:
That's awesome you got that close... cool shots!

Thanks JTH and Bethany. I appreciate your comments.
Bethany...sorry. Pooch was in the car, probably wondering if I was gonna get my @r$e beat by a deer.:lmao: :lol:

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