oh god why??


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Jul 4, 2005
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Chattanooga, TN
ever been so excited to actually have food you just want to eat it all right now?

so when you live on campus here you have to have a meal plan (they NEED money, it's like crack for the campus, besides the actual cocaine)... $500 meal plan for a semester... now, it rolls over from fall to spring semester, but when summer comes around whatever you haven't spent they keep, so my roommate spends maybe $150 all spring semester long, and had $350 left so him, my other roommate and I all head down to one of the campus stores and buy a ton of crap that's not good for us

candy, buttloads of candy, like 3 things of honey??, i think 40 red bulls?!, yadda yadda

good god... now i'm just sitting around bored eating candy and watching tv... this is too much, and we only spent $160 of the $350... so tomorow we're heading back again...

that's messed up that they keep it. my meal plan always carried over... not that there was much to carry over... i ate a ton while in school. my "freshman 15" was closer to 20 i think... :mrgreen: it didn't help that there was a domniblo's, McD's, and Taco Hell on campus that accepted the card... and Louie's Lower Level, a 24/7, all-you-can-eat, fried-food establishment in the basement of the student union... :puke:
hahaha we can't find any real food in the kitchen to eat... all we got is stupid crap, the biggest stuff we have is easy mac

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