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Oct 17, 2010
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Northern Illinois
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I'm a girl, with a need for a hobby! I had to fill my time! I am a two time brain surgery survivor and had to make a lot of life changes and slow things down a bit! Doing this made me bored! So a hobby was needed! I do work full time but when I'm not working I still like to keep busy!

I take a lot of pictures and people tell me that I do a good job and I should get into photography! So either I do a decent job or people are just really nice!

Either way it's a hobby that I'm going to put more money and time into! I enjoy taking pictures of our Northern Illinois area and my beautiful children!

At this time I have a Sony H50 and I hate it! What a bore! So I'm working hard and guilting my hubby into getting me something nice! I'm not sure what I'll get but I like the Nikon brand better.

I've been reading through this site getting ideas, it's been very helpful already! THought I should join and make a introduction! So..... Hello!
You can check out some of my pictures on facebook if your curious....I'm just starting out and there are only a few on there right now...

Welcome to Facebook Refractions of Life

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