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    Ok, I admit it, I buy and use close dated or past date film. I have been buying it by the case for the last 8 years. I have been buying it from eBay. Through about 8 or so cases I have never had a bad roll of film yet (film itself, pictures on it is another story).

    Well, I went to ebay last night and figured it was about time to order some more, and it would be at my house by the time I get home from a work trip.

    Disaster has struck. My favorite ebay crack "film" dealer is not there anymore. Matter of fact I could not find anyone selling case quantity on ebay. 20 packs or 2-3 were the largest quantities available.

    I am not a pro, and just like taking pictures. So, no worries about close dated films for me. It's allowed me to keep using my large format just because its not so expensive to do.

    Now, I think I am up the creek! Obvously I can pay full price like others, but then price wise you can't shoot as much.

    Oh, bother.

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    I would consider going to freestyle in lieu of a crack dealer. You can get Arista.edu 100 50 sheets for 20.00. THat's what I'm doing anyway. And I'll keep a lookout for a crack dealer for ya.

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