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Jun 18, 2013
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Siberia, Russia
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My name is Michael, by now I'm 21. I live in Siberia, Russia... vodka, stone cold, bears on the streets you know it all:lol:.
I like playing guitar, keyboards, singing, writing songs. My favorite bands are Iron Maiden, Bruce Dickinson, Deep Purple, Rainbow, Nazareth, Def Leppard.
I work as an IT professional in the mid-sized corporation.
In the December 2012 I've met a girl and her hobby was doing photographs of people and animals. I told her that I actually took pictures too and showed her a couple of my landscape pics and she said "Dude that's pretty good pictures". So I decided I'll try my hand at photography. When the time came to buy my first
DSLR I came over to this forum asking for help and that's it :)
Welcome to the site.
Welcome aboard Michael!

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