Ohlsdorf Cemetery (more angles on angel)


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Feb 1, 2004
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My first angel:

Great colour..... nice touch with the flower, did you put there?... if not, it was well spotted. Great capture all round :thumbup:
Nice capture! Beautiful angel - I agree with Archangel about the rose!
Thank you so much for your comments so far.
Archangel, the flower was there. I did not put it there.
I had wanted to take a trip to Ohlsdorf Cemetery for months now, since I thought that might be a cemetery with such elaborate sculptures, and sure enough it is a great mixture of more modern graves and "older" ones (though some were recent and still had angels, which I think is rare).

I have a good many more angel-photos now (and cemetery photos in general), and of course I "studied" this angel from different points of view, too, but I am not happy with any of the other three here:




The hand that holds the rose is not in the frame in the first two of these. Annoys me!
Out of the group of them I like the 1st one and the last one the most. I find in the other two the rose is too small of a subject matter to have all the attention. IMO of course. I love the shots tho, you should try out the Darkside Gallery too. I was just informed of it. Lots of stuff like this :)
When I was out there yesterday, I was having the Dark Side Gallery in mind, of course, but then found these too "bright" to be really "dark side"... I have many more photos from that trip to that cemetery ("The World's Largest Park Cemetery", so their booklet says), and must still think of some cool post processing to make some look darker, more "dark side", before I can put any of those into that gallery.

And hey, we agree on the middle photos, silentmaven: as I was saying, I am not overly happy with those, myself, either. I wish I had captured the hand that holds the rose in them!
Those look great. The composition and colors are amazing. I think the first one is may fav :D

I live in Hamburg for 3 years now and I can't believe I haven't been to the Ohlsdorf Cemetery, yet.
We could organise a mini meet-up one day - but let the snow go first, my feet were sooooooooooooooooo wet yesterday after my 2 1/2 hour excursion and the graves as such were not to be seen at all ... Ohlsdorf is worth the while! Not only because it is a cemetery and offers some cool "dark side" photography, but also because it is a wonderful park (by what little I could glean yesterday).

Just so you can see the amounts of snow I had to wade through to get to the spots of interest:


like the pov of the first one in the additional pis, well taken :thumbup:
Thanks, Archangel. Gives me warm glows all over to read this :goodvibe: - just makes me happy-happy-happy :D
excellent shot of the statue.
to me the BG is a little distracting...if you darkened it and tweaked the unsharp mask on the statue, i believe it would leap right off the page. just my .02
either way...well done!

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