OK brand new to portraits pls help me make these better


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Mar 27, 2006
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Ok, i just got my Nikon D70s and a Alien Bee lighing kit with two B800's
my intent is to set up a home studio to do photos for peeps to start the build of my buisness .....but am struggling at this a bit an wanting to get some help to make my photos better.... not this group was taken with a lot of time to get the kids right lighting does not seem exactly right so looking for advice to make it better... i set eact light at 45 degrees off center with my main falash having the reflective umbrella set at 1/2th power about 5 foot off the subject and my fill having the shoot through umbrella , set at 1/4 power with my subject again about 5 foot away from the light.now i have these posted on web shots as i dont have a site yet or a place to put my pics
this is the link and the newest ones are http://community.webshots.com/myphotos?action=viewAllPhotos&albumID=548907702&security=Yndwjc
pls help me make them better open to any thing be brutal
I'm putting this thread in the portraits forum so you can get better feedback on your gear, and advice for your images. :)
thanks for the move i should have read down further before i posted hehehe

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