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Feb 25, 2006
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Sydney, AUS
Hey guys, first time posting pics so critique away. It's all fun for me so no offence taken on anything. I've been hanging around my wife while she shoots lately and commandeered her old Fuji Finepix so as I too could participate.

4 pics total....

1. Old roadside fruit stall...

2. This one is still in business...

3. My better half...

4. Another....

The last two are my attempts at a portrait BTW, look forward to hearing all comments. ;)
The photos look great.

When you make a post with phots there is a little bottom just under title that looks like a mountain landscape. Click that, paste the link, and it will show the photo instead of the link.
Not a problem.

I really like the first but the second is absolutely stunning. I like the concept of the third but the fourth is just too bright for me.
Thanks SR. The fourth was a bit of a let down, I dont know what I changed on the camera settings but I found that I was unable to rescue it in PS (with my limited knowledge anyway).

It does give an insight as to where I'm at anyway so I guess it serves a purpose on here.
Definately. When I first got my camera I walked around the house taking photos of anything I could think of with all the different settings. Then I looked at how they turned out and went back and did them over. There are times I would sit there playing with the setting and taking the same picture over, and over, and over. Its great:)

Which Fuji Finepix do you have?
lol, thats what I do too.

It's my wifes Finepix 1200 (it's about 6 years old I think)


She leans more heavily on her film SLR but that'll be changing within days.... :heart:
I was using my parents Fuji Finepix S3000 and was pretty happy with the pics. This new camera, Panasonic Lumix LZ2, has been outstanding so far though. I love it. Its not an SLR and will likely be replaced as soon as I have the cash but its going to be just fine until then:)
Cool shots. I really did the fruit stand.
Welcome to the forum
SR, I have the same attitiude.....just use whatever's available :thumbup:

Thanks Chiller.
all photo's look great..I agree with qiktune...

use whatever is available..
The first and second are beautiful, and the last ones are as well, though I must agree with SR about the brightness of the fourth one. Great job!
Thanks guys.

I've just logged in on my pc at work and I'm astounded at how different the colours are as opposed to my home pc.

I wonder how different everyone elses pics look on they're own compared to what the rest of us see! :er:

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