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Jul 6, 2003
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Hi, I love black and white, have my own darkroom that I just remodeled, and made bigger and better. I shoot mostly medium format as I have recently purchased a Pentax auto focus 645 but I still love my Nikon F4. I live in Oklahoma but my heart will always be in Texas. I have a high pressure job in broadcast media and photography saves my sanity. I am no spring chicken but I'm not dead yet.
Talk about no spring chicken. I just turned 70 and photography and these forums(and others)keeps me from climbing the walls.

Welcome to the site. You will see the good, the bad, and the ugly photos here, but will communicate with some nice people.

If I can ask you, why did you choose the Pentax 645? I'm very interested in medium format, but a lack of that green stuff is keeping me from doing anything about it, and I have yet to gather much information. What would be the general price range of things in that format? And also, how long have you had your F4? Thanks!
Shutter Bug, you don't need expensive equipment to get into medium format. For as little as $20 you can get a plastic Holga camera. For $100-200 you can get a Yashicamat TLR. The lenses on these are very sharp and modeled after the Zeiss Tessar lens. I like the 6x6 format too. The 645 is 6x4.5cm

After shooting a larger format film, you will be addicted to the detail. It is more expensive to develop and print, but not by much.
I have the Yashica Mat 124G. I havn't used it for years. I'm planning on getting it out again soon. I used to use it for portrait work. I have a tele-converter for it. Can you still buy these things? All I have seen advertised is the Seagull. The Yashica is a great camera to get started in medium format. I paid $169 about 15 years ago for mine.
You can still find the telephoto for the mat. I've seen that and the wide angle on ebay.
G'day to you Wrenag!
Welcome to the crazy people photo forum :) Just kidding folks. I only recently lost my cherry in this forum and find all those who visit to be thoroughly nice..no..FANTASTIC people. I haven't seen anyone criticise or back stab any other visitor here (and for the WWW that is indeed something this site can be proud of.
Can't wait to see some of your medium format stuff in the forums.

I am new around here and am trying to know the Nobel ways with photography.

I would definitely like to learn more about black and white hope I can learn a lot from you.

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