ok this one is good- 1st photo shoot need criteque


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Aug 2, 2003
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all of the photo were taken with a 25 year old Canon AE-1 and either a Vivitar 70-210 tele zoom lense or a canon 52mm...i know these are horrible, i am an extreme begginer and i need pointers thanks!
I don't know what's wrong with the links, but when you click on them, they don't work. I had to copy the url and paste it into the browser. Where ever it is these images are being hosted may not aprove with direct linking or posting. No complaints though, I didn't mind :)

The first two (castus and skater) I really enjoyed :)

The fact that I can't see the head of the skater drives me nuts!! (in a good way!) And also the fact that there is really no ground, gives me the impression that he's high in the sky, like he just jumped from an air place. These two togeher is what makes me like it.

The others were too blurry.

The cat would have been great if it was in focus.

The other cactus one would have been ok if it wasn't blurry.

I also have a Canon Ae1, and I love it to death!!! Beats any other camera I've known..aside rom my parents Canon Reble..mm..Canon..I love Canaon ;)

Goodluck in the furture! :D I hope to see more pictures..in focus ;) (It's hard for me to focus with my AE.... :evil:)

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