Okay, Mrsid- spider sunrise


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Apr 19, 2003
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Pasco, WA
I would have had this last week but the janitor got to the spiders on Thursday before I did. They had from Friday until this morning to "rebuild" and were patiently waiting for me this morning.

So, here ya go!




Not the best quality, but I was late for a meeting and had to grab these quickly.

The first and second ones are the better ones, as the spider web can be seen easier.

Oh, and this is now on my list of things to try to photograph. Spiders in a sunrise, who'd have thought it up? :p
I've seen so many bug and spider shots to last me a life time but these ones with a sunset in the back are absolutely fantastic.
I have to wonder what kind of effect may have been achieved with a little water sprayed on the web?
Water on the web. Hmmmm.... maybe I'll leave early for work tomorrow. :wink:

These are really pretty cruddy. Took all 3 in about 30 seconds or less on my way in the door.

I was just trying to make Sid happy. :lol:

Nice shots! :)

I like the 1st one most

and indeed, water on the webb, so leave early for work!! :)
ITS TRUE!! ( early birds catches early worms) :wink:
Well....I knew I shouldn't have said it but I did and Photobug went and done it!....and beautifully as well!
My favorites are 2, 1 & 3 in that order but, as usual, they're all great.
Must admit the idea of water in the web appeals and some clouds in the sunrise would have been nice and flash to illuminate the spider....I'll drive him nuts yet!
Very well done!
I wanna see a picture with the spider under the sun ,but above the horizon. Ya know in sort of a framing effect. (just thought I'd give ya another challenge while were doing it.
It's your own fault for doing such a great job, you know what they say about the willing horse getting it's back broken.....not that I'm suggesting you look like a horse but then come to think about it......

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