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Sep 1, 2014
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Louisville, KY
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I found some old foggy photos in one of my cards, so I thought I would try to wring out a feeling of dread a la "The Exorcist" out of them. Successful?
Fog crossing.jpg
Fog crossing.jpg Fog Alley resize.jpg Fog crossing.jpg Fog Alley resize.jpg Fog crossing-2 resize.jpg Fog Alley resize.jpg
I was trying to figure out what was happening with the full frame, then I saw the thumbnails.

"it was a dark and dreary night" to steal a phase from some dime novels. :) I think thumb nails are interesting, if not unique but they certainly do not do well when enlarged.
They certainly have a real demonic, spooky feel to them.

The Exorcist although dated, for me, is still the scariest film ever made.
Really liked your out of the box spooky concept. The digital noise in the form of grains make the image more powerful.

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