Old rolls of negatives?

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    I'm in the process of going through my fathers negatives and slides in preparation for scanning them into digital format. I will be using an epson v500 which accepts two strips of 3 frame negative if I recall correctly. My assumption is the negatives will need to be cut into three frame sections in order to be used in this scanner.

    My dad saved some of his negatives in the old time, tall, glass alka seltzer bottles. He rolled the negatives tight then wrapped them with several layers of paper and then used scotch tape to seal the roll closed. He also wrapped the outside of the bottle with several layers of paper, I assume to keep the light out.

    When I cut these rolls lose of course they are quite curled in a roll. How should I proceed to get these negatives into the three frame sections so that I can use them in the scanner? Should I unroll the entire roll and try to hang them up some how with some small weight on the bottom to get them to straighten out before cutting them into sections? If I hang them up will they be harmed from the light.



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