Old Town St Charles


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Jan 29, 2006
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Not where I thought I'd end up
Here are two shots from my portrait shoot last week in downtown St Charles, MO... Cobblestone streets and lots of very old buildings... Neat area.


While looking through the door at this old wood stove I noticed the cool reflection of the streetscene behind me..


lol.. I've cropped the edges of #2 three times now and keep loading this original... 23 years in the IT business and computers still baffle me...:lol::lol:

DDave, #1 almost looks like a double exposure at first glance, It's cool that its a reflection. I really like #2 a lot it may also look good in B&W. My IT guys fix all was always used to re-boot, the funny thing is that it work 90% of the time.:lol:
Cool shots D Dave. The first one is really interesting. My fave is the second. Nicely done man.
It's only minutes ago when I said in reply to unimaxium's Photos From Italy that I am quite partial to close-ups of walls with windows and/or doors. And what do I find?
A photo of the wall of an old house with a door and a window! :lovey:
How can I now NOT like that one!?!?!
Thanks guys, for looking and the nice comments.
It's 3AM and I'm thinking I might just go downtown in about an hour and half and catch the sunrise in that area. Might be something interesting, hmmmm?


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