Older 70-200 2.8 question.


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Jan 5, 2009
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There is a guy in my area who has a Canon 70-200 2.8 NON IS listed for sale for $600.00. I emailed him to get some details and he told me it was an older version and guessed it to be from "the mid 2000's". He inherited it from his father and guessed it to be about that time when he bought it. He said there is some minor wear on the lens but preforms fine. He is supposed to be sending me some pics and the serial number so I can verify the age. I know condition is everything when dealing with used equipment but assuming the lens is 10-15 years old but still functions properly is this a good price or not for this lens? I know for that lens in general they sell for quite a bit more then that but I don't know how much value a used lens looses with age? Anything specific I should look for/at, this would be the first lens I have bought used. I am planning on taking my camera and my laptop with me so I can shoot a few shots and look at them on the screen.

I assume this is the EF 70-200mm F2.8 L? (I don't think Canon has a non-L 70-200mm F2.8).
If so, the going price for a used one, seems to be just over $1000. So for $600, that's a great deal. The current new price seems to be $1450-$1300, so that should tell you how well these lenses hold their value.

Check that it zooms and focuses smoothly. Check that the AF works with it on your camera. Check that the aperture blades function properly (look into the front of the lens while changing the aperture and holding down the DOF preview button on the camera...you should be able to see the blades stopping down).
Hold it up to the light (sky) with the caps off, just to make sure there are no cracks or fungus inside. A bit of dust inside is pretty normal, and probably not something to worry about.
Six bills? Buy it immediately.
Thanks for all the input. I am going to go look at it but it is a several hour drive. I didn't want to find out I was "nuts" for spending $600 on a lens that is that old.
And for the first reply yes it is the 70-200 L non IS.

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