Older Film a Good Find?


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Nov 28, 2011
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Hey all, I'm always scanning around for deals on camera stuff and I came across a box of 40+ rolls of undeveloped film for what I THINK is a great price ($20), I would like to get into using my film camera soon so this really tweaked my interest.
So far I know there is Fuji 400 colour and waiting to hear if there is any other brands etc.
Is there anything I should look for? Anything that would make this not even worth the $20?
Thanks in advance!
$.50 a roll ain't half bad. Did they mention the expiration date? The older it is the more of a gamble it is.

But hey $20 isn't that big of an investment. That is like a weeks worth of Timmy Hoho's.
Cool, thanks Runnah, I asked how many rolls exactly and if it is expired/date, she has been very quick to respond so I should know shortly :)
Even expired film can be fun. I would go for it.
You gotta be open to serendipity, but I think you are, so sure!
Thanks Tiller and Andrew, yes I'm DEFINITELY into serendipity!

Here is her response on my question about expiry etc...

"it very likely is expired as the box is older. I included the film in the listing as I understand there are some photograph techniques that use it? the box itself is online for $20, so thought the film would be a bonus to someone."

So I told her I wanted it regardless :)

Here is a picture of the film, can anything be gleaned from it by chance?
And the $20 box just for fun, I think I'm seriously low balling with 40 rolls.

That's a sweet box, worth $5 by itself.
Agree! That box will look awesome on my desk :)
Thanks for the link Timor! Neat!
What you gonna do with this film ? Just take to some lab for dev ? Or are you willing to cross-process ? Gary has some experience to share in this matter.
I'm interested in learning how to process myself, I actually passed up on the equipment (enlarger etc...) a while back to get my 100-400 so I'm keeping my eye open for deals. I will keep that in mind about Gary for sure!
So, you are planning to do a color darkroom work ?
Here is something:
Chromega B Dichroic Enlarger w. Lens
Do you want me to get it for you ? I live 15 min. away from that address.

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