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Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by LordBug, Jun 18, 2005.

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    I recently purchased an Olympus C-760 camera. Until now, I haven't had the funds to purchase an additional XD card for it.

    Looking at my choices, a 1GB card is best value for money. However, I don't know if this camera can support it. In the specs it says it handles up to 512MB cards, however I've read that it can handle 1GB.

    I'd like to confirm this before making a purchase.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Yup, that seems to be the case. BH is some of the more reliable source for referring to photography equipments AND also buying them :)

    HOWEVER, don't lose sleep over this. 512 MB is already sort-of an overkill for a point-and-shoot digital camera (well, it's better than a lot of point-and-shoot camera :p). Unless you are the kind of person who loves taking multiple manual exposure, shooting at moving subjects, taking multiple white bracketing + exposure compensation, generally you wouldn't find yourself maxing out on a 256MB card. Only buy a larger card if you do so - manual exposure requires a lot of patience and card space. :D But if you are a simple happy-chappy who shoot for casual purposes and usually let the "AUTO" function takes over your shooting, get a 256MB card. Or even a 128MB one :) (at 4 MP, at "Large" every picture would be around 1 MB)

    Alternately, if you plan to migrate to a D-SLR within the next two-three years (Digital Rebel 300D is something that's gonna keep you happy at the moment), consider the 512 MB card.

    If you still intend to take risk on going onto the 1GB card, that's a way - play dumb. Go to your nearest consumer electronic store, get your camera along (make sure you tag and name it, perferrably using a sticker at the base of the camera), go to the nearest sales person and ask him about the camera using a 1 GB card. By default, without looking up that person would say it's possible - I would have done the same if I did not search the web on your camera ). Great. Ask he/she to get you a 1GB card to try on. Normally most stores would do that, but if your particular store doesn't ask the sales person whether you can try the card on spot after you have bought it, and return it straight away if the card doesn't suit you. If that is not possible - leave :)

    BTW - If I were you I would rather get the 256MB card + a screen care/protector kit to protect the LCD screen. Because funding seems to be a little bit tight for you, that camera is going to last you a while. Might as well protect it the best you can, LCD screens are notorious for scratch, especially on point and shoot ones. Just make sure you get a kit with a plastic film + alcohol swab + tissue so that you can really remove dirt and fibre before you apply it on. It'll cost you around $20. You may settle for something less fancy though, but just remember that dirt and fibre could cause the adhensive to lose its effectiveness.

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