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Mar 5, 2006
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Hey guys, iv been looking through the internet for a new camera to replace my old one. I want a digital slr and have taken an interest in the olympus e500 evolt. Have any of you heard any thing good or bad about this camera? anyone own one? and if you do, how do you like it.
any information is greatly appriciated.

here is a link to the camera im talking about
I own an olympus sp500 uz. It's not a dslr but it has most of the same controls and manual features. It was very cheap (I got it for around 379, but you can probably find cheaper)

Look it up. I like it alot!

I've has an E500 since November. Easy to use for a DSLR, has all the features I would use, limited choice of lenses might be the only criticism but with 2 lenses ranging between 17-150mm, equivalent to 35-300 on a 35mm SLR, it hasn't slowed me down yet.




Saved you the trouble of searching my threads for pictures, here are a small sample of some of my shots with the E500. One major bonus - it has a self cleaning CCD, so no dust on sensor, whatsoever in 6 months of frequent use & lens changes.

BTW, the one is Costco that you have in that link - you need a bigger memory card, 256 is just too small for the file sizes, get a 1gb card at least.

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