Olympus Pen EE3 (1973) winder replacement


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Oct 22, 2019
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The winder of my EE3 had worn down but throwing the camera away was no option. I couldn't find a replacement winder anywhere, so spent a few days researching. In the end I created a 3D model and sent off to have it printed. It WORKS!!! (I had never done this before, so feeling very happy with myself :) )

Putting my design up here for anyone that needs it.(Click for link)

3D design Olympus EE3 camera winder (1973)

- These are the component parts, so you can tweak if you feel like it. There is also an 'assembled' version of the winder - select this and export at .STL file. Look for a 3D printer online and choose your filament (I used 'HP MJF nylon' and printed via all3dp.com and it works a treat))

If you do use it, I would appreciate a note letting me know!

Good luck,


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