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Oct 9, 2005
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Hey everyone. I've got some sad news. My neighbors had a dog, who'se name was Omar. (the name fits him perfectly once you get an idea of the personality he had). Beofre I dive into my question, I would like to give you a little background story on this loving, cute, old, and all around perfect neighborhood dog.

We live in a neighborhood where everyone knows everyone. Its in the 'burbs of NJ, but truthfully, its the sticks. Woods behind our homes, and bonfires every summer night at every house. Three doors up the street, live the Flynn's, and good ole' Omarm the black lab. The Flynn's are GREAT people. An older, not elderly (mid-50's), couple. The kind that helps out with the town, the hospital and our neighborhood. Their dog, Omar, was the neighborhood dog. When Omar wanted to go out, Mr. Flynn would let him out to roam the neighborhood, mostly looking for food from EVERY house, all the way to ours.

Now, Omar was an awesome dog. At fourteen years old, a bad hip (couldn't even walk on his back left leg), and horrible Rheumatism, it was amazing to see him slowly make his way to your house. Omar would meander through the backyards and if he spotted you, despite his health problems, he would break into an old man trot to get to you. He knew: Humans=Food. (as i write this now, i am chuckling picturing that big ole oaf coming on over). But Omar was not one to give up. If you were outside, not a problem. Omie (as my little sister called him) would go right up to your backdoor and bark, until you came out with food. Omar didn't care wether he was getting a steak (which one his birthday he would recieve one from each house), or if he was getting a lousy treat. One peice of food per house, and then off to the next one.

Luckily, my house is at the end of the street, and we have a large 190-200 foot pond in our backyard. After eating Omar would take a little dip (he couldnt swim but he would always wade around and cool off) and then wander back home. Omar was a legend in our neighborhood.

About a year ago, I was blessed with the privilege to be able to watch over Omar for one week, while the Flynn's were in Texas visiting family. Being a 16 year old neighborhood handy man i was eager for any cent of money I could get, but now i realize that the money was little compared to the time I spent with this guy. I have my own yellow lab, but sometimes spending time with him, was spending time with a friend. I would go into their house, announce my presence to him buy yelling "Omaaaaaaaar!!!" and he would get up and wag his tail. Then, he would make his way to my feet. Escaping my friends' mouths, the popular catch phrase would usually follow this act and you would hear "Oh-Man! Its O-Mar!!".

I watched over Omar whenever the Flynn's went away on multiple occasions, and sometimes even taking home to spend a night or two. Omar was literally, a great dog.

Unfortunatly, due to his age, and his condition, we all knew something would happen, and it did. About a week ago, the Flynn's noticed Omar was getting thin, and he wasn't eating, which is very unlikely for the O-man. They took him to the vetenarian, and they ran tests. Yesterday morning, they got the test results and found out that Omar had had multiple tumors growing in different spots. The worst one, was attached to his pancreas, and it was leaching insulin from him. Mr. and Mrs. Flynn reluctantly chose to put him down that morning. I cannot explain the grief that EVERYONE felt in our neighborhood for the past two days. It is like losing something more than a dog.

I cannot explain to you the grief that Mr. Flynn is feeling more than anyone. It is horrible. Mr. Flynn and Omar were like best friends, and it seemed that they communicated as if they were both the same, not just a dog and a master.

I am sorry for the long explanation, but I feel that just posting pictures and asking for help could never do justice to this amazing animal, who is now back to where he was sent from; heaven.

That brings me to why I have posted in the first place. I am making a matte-and-framed picture of Omar for the Flynn's for Christmas. IThe layout will be one big picture of Omar in the center, and then regular 4x6 pictures surrounding that one.

The problem with this is that, in my opinion, the only photos i have of him, are in need of some photoshopping. Unfortunatly, I am VERY limited with photoshop. Therefore, I call upon my friends at TPF to help me out a bit. Please, just take your choice of these photos and edit one, two, three, all of them, however you like.

Thank you in advance, and thank you for letting me share the story of Omar.

Here is a picture of Omar, and then a link to the other photos


thanks again, all
I'll give it a go when I get home. Number 7/11 has good potential, but you'll need to send the best resolution version you have, not a web jpg, if you're going to print it.

ok. PM me your e-mail address and when i get home from school, i will send out the one you specify. thanks a lot.
J_mcquillen, i like it a lot. please send it to me. I've pmed you my email. thank you so much. If you don't mind, go ahead and do more. I would rather have good ones and the original ones and then have a choice than be forced to settle for the originals.

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