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Aug 19, 2010
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Know what's worse than having someone steal your product photos? Having them stolen AND used by someone else to sell THEIR item! Know what's worse than that? Confronting the (insert appropriate foul language here) about it, kindly reminding him that it was not public property and politely asking him to please replace it with an image he took and then having the (insert even worse foul language) tell you "quit playing jailhouse attorney because "there's nothing you can do about it so chill out because it's only a stupid picture anyone could take, not a top secret document for a missle or something".

Know what's even worse than all that? Having to jump through all sort of fiery hoops to get the host site to remove MY product shot proven removed from MY website!

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, I am so mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sick to DEATH of this happening all the freakin' time! The guy had to take a screen shot of my page and then use it bc it's right-click protected and comes up with a copyright warning if you touch it. :grumpy::grumpy::grumpy:
Sorry to say this, but now you know, and all who read this, will understand that any image online can and most likely will be used by others who do not give a damn.

good for you in pursung this till you got satisfaction.:thumbup:
Not resolved yet but I'm working on it. This happens so often on this site, from my website, that I actually have that site's IP department's Copyright Infringement paperwork saved onto my own computer for easier download and quicker faxing.

The thing that makes me so made is his "F-U" attitude. Seriously? Dude, just take it off bc you're busted and you know that you had to do a screen save to even take it in the first place. That's a lot of work to just say "oh well, I can take it if I want".

I found it on eBay being used to sell the same product that is used to sell in my online store. No "it's close so maybe it is, maybe it isn't", it's definitely mine and it's not so easy to take from my site. Guy had to work for it. Just burns me the attitude. Why can't these people just say "sorry, I'll take it down, no harm no foul" and move on with their day?
That's what they make pipe bombs for, lol.
...Not too worried about it. If they can get a warrant, they can look around all they want - they won't find anything illegal.

But yeah - it was a joke, but half serious too. Theft is one thing I can't tolerate. Steal from me and I'll f*king kill you if I find out, lol.

I work hard for the 'stuff' I have. When someone wants to take that from me, it pisses me off.
It pisses me off even more if it's something I use to make my living with...
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That's what they make pipe bombs for, lol.

Well I'm sure glad I live no where near you. But I do understand what you mean. I hate when people steal or damage something someone worked hard to get. Ive never had it happen to me yet but people in the area have had their cars panted on and everything else. Pisses me off.
That's what they make pipe bombs for, lol.

I love you, man :hug:: (grin)

From experience (which only adds to the frustration), the auction will end and eBay will have done nothing at all. The thief keeps his attitude, AND my image and pockets the money for selling his item with my phenomenal pic (I know that that sounds atrociously vain and I'm not that kind of person, normally, but the crappy competitor photography is the reason I do mine so differently...bc it makes them stand out!) and eBay tells me 10 days later "well, that auction has ended so there is nothing we can do.

Thanks for letting me rant. Everyone is asleep around here so I have no one else, at the moment, other than my dog, lol (who still isn't talking to me after that whole "getting fixed" thing on Friday). If I don't *****, I'll blow up, lol. Gets blood on the keyboard. Not cool.
Best thing to do is to not publish online like that or to use low-res images. Or put ugly watermarks all over it. I like how newegg does it. ;p The watermark isnt just text but an actual image (eggs) over the center of the image, transparent.
Best thing to do is to not publish online like that or to use low-res images. Or put ugly watermarks all over it. I like how newegg does it. ;p The watermark isnt just text but an actual image (eggs) over the center of the image, transparent.

Thought I had it covered. The size of the photos on my website is only 170 px x 180 px. Well, I guess that's plenty enough for eBay use, lol.

Hop on a library computer, create a fake ebay account using a hotmail or yahoo email address, and then put in outrageous bids on everything he's selling so no one can buy anything from him.
LATEST UPDATE: First, let me start off by saying that eBay touts it's VeRO program and declares it takes intellectual property theft VERY seriously (cough). That said, here's how it went down.

Found listing and reported it to VeRO dept. Next morning at 6:30am, faxed it off. At 7am emailed them that it was faxed and reiterated all information on there, including link to my website URL (exact page) where it was taken from, email from seller admitting he got it from my website, his selling ID name and the exact item number and a description of the name of the item from the catalogue. The NEXT morning, eBay sends an email saying basically "Thanks. We got your fax but there is some missing information. We need to know the ID of the seller, the item number and the exact URL where the image was removed from". You know, THE STUFF I ALREADY PUT IN THE FAX AND BOTH EMAILS!! Ok, fine, whatever, IMMEDIATELY the (repeat)info goes to them.

That evening at 6:30pm I get an email saying it's being handled by the VeRO dept who takes IP theft "very seriously" (cough). The next afternoon, 4 hours from close of the guys auction (who does have bids on it so he will make money off MY image for HIS item) I emailed them back, reminding them he is about to make money off my image as his auction is almost over. The response? Three hours later they respond telling me "Thank you for contacting the VeRO department. Unfortunately, we have no record of any email from you. If you believe someone has taken your intellectual property and wish to have us investigate, please use the following link to download the VeRO forms, then fax the completed forms to us.

I sent a SCATHING email back! Other than that, all I could do was helplessly watch as the sellers item ended. That was yesterday evening. Just now, at 4:10pm today, I recieved an email saying they concluded their investigation and found the seller had indeed used my picture for his listing and the listing was going to be removed. Oh effin joy and la-di-freakin'-da. I just cant tell you how happy I am that they got right on it for me...since they take it "so seriously".

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