omg! spring!


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Jan 9, 2005
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you'll have to excuse my enthusiasm, but I was rather excited when I was walking around campus today and actually saw flowers just randomly blooming by the chapel. Looks like spring is finally here :)

First signs of spring

Hello, Goodbye (cause theres an old leaf, and a new flower, winter is gone, spring is here, get it?)

and this isn't as springy, but I took it at the same time, and I like it

thanks for lookin'
Nice. I like the flower shots.

My personal opinions:
In the first shot, since it occured to me that flowers are the main subject, I'd want to direct the viewer's attention on to them. Vignetting or burning a considerable portion from the left could have helped. The left portion is kind of distracting.

The second shot would be stronger if you could reduce the highlights. The dof works really well here!
Thanks a lot for the advice danalec!

i'll run em back through photoshop and see what i come up with
When the snow had finally melted, I too detected our first crocusses of the year in our front garden, tiny ones only, but they were there - and before I ever managed to get out any camera to take their pic just to show you that we are getting signs of spring here, too, at long last, it started to rain and has not stopped in the past 48 hours or so :(. BUT our rain has the "cosy" temperature of 7°C, so why would I complain - no more frosts, yuppiduh!

I like your first flower pic and don't mind the left part ... the flowers lean over to the left a little and seem to be looking over there, so some "over there" is still required, I think.

And hey, I like that spire-pic!
The sky is VERY blue, almost unrealistically blue, did you do something to enhance it? My second impression (after that of the extremely intense blue) was that there is too much sky above the spire, but then I saw that whisp of a cloud in that corner... you meant to capture that into your frame, too, right? I appreciate that quite much --- but the feeling of unbalance will not go... :scratch: But that is just personal.
Thanks for your comments Lafoto.
You are right, I did 'tweak' the blue in the sky, perhaps a little too much...
The cloud was intentional, to give a sense that there was in fact something above the spire.

Hopefully it stops raining over there soon so you can get outside too! It's pretty cold today unfortunately, I put shorts and sandals on which was a very bad idea :(

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