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Discussion in 'Photographic Discussions' started by Torus34, Sep 4, 2006.

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    I'm not sure where to post this. It's kinda outside the box, but not quite an 'Off Topic' topic, you know?

    Terri has put out a call for articles. Now, many of us have developed a body of knowledge in some odd corner of one of the rooms in that huge mansion known as 'Photography.' It could be on filters, night photography, Lith printing, the use of a program such as 'The Gimp', bounce flash, IR photography or how to sell your used equipment for the highest dollar.

    It would be great if what you've learned was available for others to reference whenever they logged on to TPF.

    But it just ain't gonna happen without a bit of writing, guys 'n gals. Writing up what you know about something is actually a win-win situation. It's win for the reader [you knew that, right?], but it's also win for you. [Huh?] Well, once you start putting information down in print, you're forced to put your thoughts in order and state them in a way that others can follow. It's often a surprising little shock to realize that you've not really thought something through so that you really understand it thoroughly. Case in point: You know that to divide fractions, you invert the divisor and then multiply. Sure. It works. Do you really know why? When you start going over a subject you thought you knew, you often gain new, deeper insights in the process. And that's a really big plus.

    Anyhow, if you decide to write something up, it will be checked over by an editor before it sees print on TPF. If you've made some horrible, embarrassing error in grammer, it will be caught and corrected. An editor is like a security blanket. The editor's job is to make you look good. Ain't that great? Gotta love 'em!

    So think it over. Give it a try. What's to lose except some spare time?

    If you have a bit of an ego, consider how nice it would be, when a newbee asks a question, to suggest they visit your article. [In the academic world, they say you've really arrived when you start referencing your old papers in the footnotes of your latest ones.]

    Anyhow, Terri is good folks. If you can answer her request, go for it! Everybody wins.

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    Hear hear! :D

    Thanks for the support, Jim. It is appreciated more than you could imagine.

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