Once there were docks


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Sep 3, 2005
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Northern California
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Once there were docks - Port of San Francisco


Thanks for looking
Thanks Badger, This shot was taken minutes after it had stopped raining. The rainbow appeared from nowhere coming down from the clouds at the horizon. I thought it was pretty cool, have lots of shots of it. :)
Excellent shot!! I love that you captured the rainbow in this photo..
Great shot! I love how the water looks.
What a beautiful scene! I love the quality of the light in this image. :) The spot of rainbow is a nice bonus!
Wow two mods in a row, I don't think that has ever happen to one of my images. I got lucky on this shoot the light just went magic on me and that rainbow OMG it was cool! Thank-you for your wonderful feedback! :)
Ooooo, that lovely sky!
The little part-of-a rainbow really adds much to it, though the sky, the texture of the water surface and the boats alone would already have made a very good photo.
Wow, very nice indeed! Viewing on a monitor doesn't really do justice to the light and detail in that shot; it would look amazing as a large print.
Thanks everyone!

Jeff the crop is a nice idea but I'm kinda partial to the water detail at bottom. but I going to give it a try anyways.

I am going to print this out on large format canvas.

Thanks again :)

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