Once Upon a Time in Wales - Robert Haines.

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    Wasn't sure where to put this, so came to 'Discussions'. Would it be a good idea to have a forum where we could post specifically about exhibitions and books that have recently come to our attention?

    Anyway, I know this forum is predominantly occupied by photographic enthusiasts State side of the Atlantic, but I'm sure some will find this interesting. I think they're a great set of images for many reasons (possibly one being because it's the home of my ancestors).

    I enjoy the many similar projects and books shot in the States that get featured here in Europe (I live in Spain, although originally from the UK), so why shouldn't some of you in the US get to see more of this sort of stuff from here?

    A set of photographs worth discussion. When I see social documentary photography as good as this it really makes me think hard about what images being taken today will be treasured so much in 30 years time?

    My own view on these is that they're a bunch of people the photographer knew on a personal basis and he hasn't tried to put his own angle or, agenda forward in any way - they're simply a set of honest and very personal documentary portraits. As such (with the captions) they manage to give a real insight into the personality behind the image.

    I like them so much I'm buying the book.


    Robert Hines as featured in The Independent.


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