One more photo from Klingenthal

i like the light and the several feet of snow... i don't get to see anything like that around here... nice capture. :thumbup:
I'm suprised that thing can take the weight of all that snow!... great capture :thumbup:
Ah, how nice, Sabine. You have finally posted this photo!
You know how much I love it, don't you?
The amount of snow is unbelievable! Even this Canuck is in awe. "Zu viel schnee", nicht var?

*how'd I do, trying to remember my high school German?*
Soon Sabine will be returning to the area where these were taken, not quite to Klingenthal, but to a place not far from there, and they were sure they'd no longer find any snow there in April (she'll be there on training camp while we'll be in the States, her going to camp is our only chance to go on that trip), and now it seems like the people in that part of Germany are STILL getting MORE snow :roll:
Beautiful for the eyes, if the sun shines as nicely as it did when she took this photo, but I am sure there they are longing for spring just as much as we do here (if you care to take out a map of Germany, it is in Saxony, directly south of Leipzig, in a mountain range called Ore Mountains, on the Czech border).
wow...Great shot. That is some serious snow.
Very nice shot! :thumbup:

Snow can be a real pain to expose for correctly and you've done a good job there!

Nice to have you here finally! No you can pin your mother down for some portraits & get some revenge! :lol:
Cool shot, makes me wish I had some sun here right after it put down a load of snow.

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