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Feb 6, 2006
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Temagami Ontario Canada
With the spring break I'm getting a lot of pratice with my portait photography. Here's another of my grandaughter almost right out of the camera.

thanks for looking--lenny

She has great lashes!

You'd better watch out ... she's going to be a beauty!
She's cute.
I now see what Aimée is seeing: her right eye (to our left here) is ok, but something is not right with her left eye in the part that points towards the nose.

Other than that: very nicely done. Makes me wish for some photo lights, but... ah well. For me photography is just a hobby and hubby wouldn't ever understand why he should pour so much money into a mere hobby that his wife has... (he HAS invited me on the trip to DC, I should add that!!! ;))

Oh, and I think this is a perfect example for a pic that belongs to the Portrait and Wedding Forum... so it'll move. OK?
There were no photo lights used in this shot it was just light from a window to her right and a sheet draped over a window at her back, then I erased the background and put in my own. Her eyes are what you see is what you get. It may be from the flash as I used it to subdue the back light from the window. I have to say I wish you would leave my photo's on the general forum the other forums are never that busy and its hard enough to get someone to critique any type of shot. It would be nice if you had a search engine that would sort out photo's if someone was so inclined to look at just landscapes or what have you. I, like a lot of other people I'm sure, only have so much time and to go through a mirade of forums is just not practical. Perhaps if people were just to label their pictures --portrait, landscape etc. then people would just look at what interested them. Its just a thought. Thanks for the comments.--Lenny
mannella said:
... my grandaughter almost right out of the camera. ...I erased the background and put in my own. Her eyes are what you see is what you get.

Hi, mannella.

I think replacing a background is considered fairly extensive work, and hardly "out of the camera." I can see too that the whites of the eyes have been retouched.

That being said...

I think with the flat lighting created by the on camera flash, a different expression would be preffered. With a thoughtful expression like this, with this little cutie looking off, away from the camera, a more directional type of lighting is called for... short lighting, for instance.

One thought that might help the image as it is now is to add a bit of vignetting... a slight, gradual darking of the edges of the image.

I really think you get more valuable critiques here in this section. The vast majority of folks with portrait experience do come here. Sure... in the general gallery, you'll get more "nice shot" sort of comments, but I don't think that's what you're asking for.

Good luck!

I was a little confused when I read "almost right out of the camera" when it's fairly obvious that the background has been replaced.

I do like the softness of the light, it looks like a nice balance of window light and flash, although I agree with Mr. Cristie that this pose would look better if it were lit more from the side.

Definitely a cute model, get all the shots you can while she wants to sit still for you :D
What I meant from right out of the camera that Sarah her self is as is I didn't do anything to her portrait other than erase the background and replace it which is the reason for the backlight--to make it easier. I did do some level adjustments but that is it. I think my flash may have caused some catch light in her eyes and as I have stated before there were no studio lights used just light from two windows and the flash from my camera. I do thank you all for commenting because every comment make me a better photographer.--Lenny

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