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Dec 25, 2015
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I am wanting to start submitting some of my photos is various contests. A quick google search tends to give overwhelming results and so I thought I would ask in here about which contests are reputable ?
Very few IMO. Most are rights grabs. If you have to pay an entry fee, or lose control of your image, avoid it like the plague.
Photo Contests are akin to Poetry Book scams. They get your photo (poem), they get your entry money and a small percentage or zero $$$ goes back out as prizes. You lose the photo but can say you were in the contest.
There are Camera Clubs and some organizations that are valid and worth saying you won or were Honorable Mention or whatever but very few............
I agree! I'd look at any local contests sponsored by - a local park district, your county fair, etc. Look at the Terms & Conditions (see John's comment about 'photo rights grabs'. If it appears to be or is promoted as a 'magazine' make sure it actually is - street address for the business, publisher, editor(s), etc. Seems to be getting easier online to make something look more impressive than it actually is.
I don't do photo contests anymore, had enough of their shenanigans.

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