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Oct 13, 2015
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Good morning everyone

As you may know I am a very new photographer actually I am not even a photographer yet but I am learning all about it. I am looking for a online picture storage site that is not too expensive but is easy to use and put different pictures in different folders easily. I have a free version of the Amazon storage not real happy with it because it is hard to move things from folder to folder and such. I would also like the capability of storing pictures in raw format and JPEG. Any suggestions will be welcome.

Thanks Roger
Storage is so cheap I always recommend storing locally on your pc and an external drive. A 3 terabyte drive is not that much. On-line is for stuff to share or for your portfolio. The raw files and original files of all types are in at least two places.
I agree with Denny, I would look at getting an external drive to save RAW and Masters. I use Flickr for stuff that I share, they give you 1TB free.
I also concur with storing your images locally. As dennybeall already said, storage is cheap...Microcenter for example is showing a 2TB Western Digital "My Book" USB 3 external for $100 (I have the Elements version and I love it). What's more is I just did a quick Google search for online storage and it really doesn't look like you get all that much for your money in most cases...many are comparable to just buying the drive and some are actually far more expensive. Google Storage for example appears to offer 1 TB for wow...$120...more expensive than the My Book, with half the storage.

Personally I use a pair of WD externals for all my photography work these days. Even with my humble USB 2 interface on my PC, they're still fast enough for editing and such (although I do have to transfer files to an internal drive for things like video editing or my animation work, which are much more resource intensive). Once the files are edited, I'll uploaded select files to Photobucket (also free) or even directly to Facebook for sharing purposes.

Online storage sites are great for web developers and such, but for basic file store, such as images, mp3's, etc., considering you can get external drives for cheap, it just don't make a lot of sense.

Just my own opinions.

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