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Jan 14, 2012
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Seattle, Washington
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Hey guys,

I'm working with Nevercenter to try to bring CameraBag 2 for Mac and PC to launch. We want to make professional-quality photo-editing widely available to all photo enthusiasts. Right now, we're ramping up our beta testing, so we're making it free to the public during the beta period. We're hoping that users on TPF might have some helpful feedback for us as we finish development.

Please come check it out at Nevercenter and let us know what you think!
I'll give it a try and let you know. I watched the video and it seems fun an easy. In fact I just picked up the iphone app (as if I needed another ) :)
I too am downloading it....looks interesting..
I passed this on to another photo site.

Played around a bit last night. Had a bit of hunt and missing with how to close down an image without saving, and thought I had saved something as a favorite, but can't seem to find it now. HOwever, this is probably more OP error :)
Other than the one-click effects (Styles), there isn't much there. It's got an intuitive interface that would be great for those unfamiliar with editing, but I can see where those wanting to really edit their photos will quickly outgrow this.
Thanks for taking a look! Were there any specific editing tools you're looking for that I can bug our devs about adding?

Also, thanks for the feedback on the interface! We've worked really hard to make it simple and intuitive :)
I understand what sparky is suggesting; however, there are lots of folks who find software really "hard" and at least you have sliders to allow adjustments.

Serious editing and enhancing people probably won't be interested.

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