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Jan 11, 2008
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Belfast, Northern Ireland
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Hi there,
I'm a web designer/Masters student studying at the University of Ulster, Northern Ireland. For my masters project, I'm studying if the emotional impact of photography is lost when it is displayed on the Internet. At the minute I am still on the research stage but I was hoping to gain opinions on different photo formats.
If possible, could you post one word you would associate with a processed photograph (hard copy), a polaroid and a digital version of your photograph
e.g. processed photograph - real, polaroid - fun, digital - untouchable.

This means I will be able to report back these findings. I will be unable to name everyone that contributes but will state that the information was gained from this forum with a link.
Thanks for your time
processed - pretty
polaroid - different
digital - pretty

I don't really think this helps much...

Being displayed on the internet does not ruin a photograph. It can actually sometimes be better on the internet. Also, it depends on context.

Two different things.

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